Anime Horror Escape

Anime Horror Escape

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Get ready for a wild adventure! You’re stuck in a room, and you need to figure out how to escape from the whole building! But here’s the twist – there’s a super crazy anime girl chasing you with a spooky knife, all covered in pretend blood. She’s out to catch you and give you a good scare!

To escape, you’ve got to be super sneaky. Look for clues, solve puzzles, and find keys to unlock doors. But watch out! The anime girl is right behind you, and she’s ready for some spooky fun. Quick, hide under tables, behind sinks, or even under cozy couches! If you’re lucky, she might not see you and go away. But if she doesn’t, then get ready to run as fast as you can!

It’s a challenge that’ll make your heart race, so be brave, solve those riddles, and escape from the crazy anime girl! Good luck, and stay super sneaky!


Anime Horror Escape is developed by Mirra Games.

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