Hill Climb Racing: Origin

Hill Climb Racing: Origin

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Join Newton Bill, a young and ambitious uphill racer, as he embarks on an extraordinary journey to conquer uncharted hills, even on the moon! In Hill Climb Racing: Origin, defy the laws of physics and push the limits of your vehicles to reach new heights.

Navigate through challenging hill climbing environments using a variety of cars. Perform daring tricks to earn bonuses and collect coins to upgrade your vehicle for even greater distances. Be cautious though, as Bill’s neck isn’t as strong as it used to be, and his trusty gasoline crematorium can easily run out of fuel.

Experience the excitement of Hill Climb Racing: Origin, an addictive arcade racing game that tests your skills on unpredictable mountain tracks. Take control of different vehicles, from humble jeeps to exotic cars and motorcycles, each with unique characteristics like speed, agility, and durability. Overcome steep climbs, treacherous cliffs, and other obstacles that stand in your way. Are you ready to conquer the hills and reach new heights?

The game is now updated to HTML5, so you can play it on the modern web browser and even on handheld devices.

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